JGAA HIST0RY@1972`1980

1972 72 Inauguration of Japan Glass Artcrafts Association (April)
President Hisatoshi Iwata, 56 charter members
"Glass and I" series of 11 informal gatherings held to promote friendship and understandin
1973 73
Lecture by Dorothy Blair from Corning Museum of Glass
Publication of first issue of JGAA journal
"Look and Listen" Kansai study tour to observe ancient Japanese glass and glass introduced into Japan from other countries, with a lecture by Junji Tanahashi "Red Lead Oxide Glass and Graphite (Black Lead) Glass"
1974 President Hisatoshi Iwata, 67 members First association exhibition, Glass in Japan: From Ancient Times to the Present; Organizers: JGAA, The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun Co.; Backing: The Agency for Cultural
Affairs; Venue: The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura (June 29 through July 28)
Sponsorship of the 10th International Congress of Glass held in Kyoto (July)
1975 75 "Listen" meetings: Experts from other fields present suggestions for glass artists (Lecturers: Tetsuzo Tanikawa, Teruo Sakaino, Susumu Sakane, Chieko Akiyama, Yoshiko Ishii)
"lide lecture by Marvin Lipofsky from the United States
Look" meetings: Suntory Yamanashi Winery, Ishiguro Collection
Slide lecture by Marvin Lipofsky from the United States
"Look" meetings: Suntory Yamanashi Winery, Ishiguro Collection
1976 76 President Kyohei Fujita, 68 members
Slides of artwork by JGAA members presented to the World Craft Council (Mexico)
1977 77 Resolution passed at the general meeting in March to hold second JGAA exhibition in 1978, executive committee organized and inaugurated (September)
Call for participation by all JGAA members in New Glass exhibition (Corning Museum of Glass, USA;
1978 President Kyohei Fujita, 74 members Glass '78 in Japan: All About Glass from Art to Design; Organizers: JGAA; Backing: The Agency for Cultural Affairs, The Asahi Shimbun Co., The Ceramic Association (currently The Ceramic Society of Japan); Sponsor: The Glass Manufacturers' Association of Japan; Venue: Odakyu Grand Gallery (Shinjuku, Tokyo; September 9-20)
Over thirty glass artists from abroad participated in the exhibition opening Sponsorship of the World Craft Council in Kyoto (September)
1979 79 "Listen" meetings: Restoration of the Glass of Shoso-in (Lecturer: Tsuneo Yoshimizu), Recent Trends in Alcoholic Beverages and Glasses (Lecturer: Eizo Fukunishi)
JGAA journal named GLASS SQUARE
Ann Warff from Sweden attended the JGAA meeting
Publication of '79 Nihon Garasu Kogei Kyokai sakuhin shu ('79 Japan Glass Artcrafts Association glass art collection)
1980 80 President Saburo Funakoshi, 85 members
Participation in Contemporary Glass Art in Japan exhibition; Organizers: Gekkan Bijutsu; Sponsor: JGAA; Venue: Gekkoso Gallery (April)
Independently produced mini exhibition (Matsuya Ginza, October)
Slide lecture by Monica Backstrom from Sweden
Slide lecture by Sidney M. Goldstein from Corning Museum of Glass