08Glass in Japan

■The Japan Glass Artcrafts Association (J.G.A.A.) was established in 1972 with the objective of strengthening the bond between glass and people through creative works in glass and thus contributing to the development and advancement of culture. J.G.A.A. is Japan’s first organization composed of people who are associated with creative works in glass and plays a major role in the world of Japanese glass art and crafts.
The series of Glass in Japan exhibitions is one of the principal activities of the association and it has held exhibition every three years since 1978, showcasing new and unique art works each time. Many contemporary glass artists have been made known to the world through these exhibitions.

The Glass ’08 in Japan will be the 11th exhibition. The association’s 105 member artists will exhibit their newest works which carry their respective artist’s “message”. A new endeavor this year is the presentation of the Young Generation Prize, in which the works of fifteen next-generation artists nominated from outside the association will be exhibited in a separate venue. Giving the next-generation artists a chance to exhibit their works will not only encourage them but also give fresh stimulus to current members. There are 120 glass art works in total and we hope you will enjoy the messages the artists are sending out through their works to people living in today’s world. We hope this exhibition will be another step forward in the further development of Japan’s contemporary glass art.

Over the years, the Glass in Japan exhibitions have continued to charm new audiences.This year will be the second time the exhibition has been held in the main store of Tokyu Department Store in Shibuya. After Tokyo, the exhibition will travel to the Koganezaki Glass Museum, a contemporary glass art museum of which there are few in Japan. The exhibition will be shown for six months and in two parts. We hope that the people visiting Nishiizu from around the country will experience the charm of contemporary glass art and that this exhibition will influence a wider public.

We would like to sincerely thank the Asahi Glass Co., Ltd., Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Glass Manufacturers’ Association of Japan, Tokyu Department Store Co., Ltd., the town of Nishiizu and everyone else who has supported us in presenting this exhibition.
Chairprson, Japan Glass Artcrafts Association
○Tokyo exhibition
subtitle: “message”
date: August 28 - September 2, 2008
place: Tokyu Departmentstore Main Store, Tokyo
organized by: Japan glass Artcrafts Association
sponsored by: Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
supported by: Agency for Cultural Affairs
       The Glass Manufacturers’ Association of Japan
exhibitors: 103 association members, and 15 artists nominated

○Tour exhibition
date: September 13, 2008 - April 8, 2009
place: Koganezaki Glass Museum (Koganezaki Crystal Park)
organized by: Japan glass Artcrafts Association
       Koganezaki Crystal Park
sponsored by: Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
supported by: Agency for Cultural Affairs
       The Glass Manufacturers’ Association of Japan
       The Sankei Shimbun (shizuoka)
       The Asahi Shimbun (shizuoka)
       The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd. (Shizuoka)
       The Yomiuri Shimbun Shizuoka Bureau
       The Chunichi Shimbun Tokai Honsya
       The Izu Shimbun
       Japan Broad Casting Corporation Shizuoka Station
       The Shizuoka Shimbun Broad Casting System
       Asashi Television
       Shizuoka Daiichi Television Corporation
       Shizuoka Telecasting Co., Ltd.
       (in no particular order)
exhibitors: 103 association members, and 15 artists nominated

○2008 exhibition committee
chairperson: Jun Fujita
vice chairperson: Aiko Ueshima
Members: Yuki Uchimura, Masahito Kaneko, Hideyo Kawai, Masayuki Kanda, Mitugi Kobayashi, Riiko Shimojima, Toshio Sugasawa, Shoichi Tani, Akira Nakagawa, Hisao Nabeta, Etsuko Nishi, Yoko Hirosawa, Nobuyuki Fujiwara, Naoto Yokoyama, Yumiko Yoshimoto
Secretary: Hiroko Furuya

■award works: Fujita Kyohei Prize '08
left to right FUJIWARA NOBUYUKI「shokubutu no katachi」/SHIBIYA RYOUJI「tsuki no michi」/YAMADA TERUO「corn. flare」

Fujita Kyohei Prize

■award works: Y. G. Prize  KOJIMA YUKAKO「Layers of Light -MOON=#5」

Y. G. Prize

award works: Populaarity Prize
Tokyo:FUJIWARA NOBUYUKI「shokubutu no katachi」/KOGANEZAKI CRYSTAL PARK,the first term:SATOH MARIKO「MAGO no Jacket」、the latter term:SHIRAHATA AKIRA「BENI no KAKI -ENSEI-」

Populaarity Prize