12Glass in Japan

■The Japan Glass Artcrafts Association was founded in 1972 with the goal of contributing to to a deepening of the linkage between glass and people and the enriching and expanding of the cultural panorama through the means of creative endeavors involving glass. The first organization in Japan comprised of people involved in glass creation, it has played a large part in Japanese glass art world from its inception onward. The "Glass in Japan" exhibit, which has been held every three years from 1978 onward, has become the core activity of the association. The exhibit consistently displays new works that illustrate each member's deeply personal and creative approach to glasswork. An unswerving dedication to quality has garnered a wealth of praise both from within Japan and from around the world, and the exhibit has proven itself as a showcase for a constantly growing assembly of exciting new contemporary glasswork artists.

"Contemporary glass art" is a collective term that emerged in the 1960s referring to the creation of glasswork liberated by new approaches and formats. The new movement gave artists room to shape glass according to their own personal vision, freely demonstrating the beauty that the material of glass itself is capable of attaining. And thanks to this, a new culture of glass art has come to fruition. The active membership of the Japan Glass Artcrafts Association has diminished slightly in comparison to the roster that first existed at its inception. However, together with the activities of an enhanced lineup of glasswork educational facilities, it continues to pass along its new traditions to the next generation of members and shine through the personal visions of each member.

This exhibition marks the Japan Glass Artcrafts Association 40th anniversary. It includes a total of 121 glassworks together in one location, featuring not only one piece from each member, but also an impressive array of pieces from 15 young artists who were recommended and actively recruited for the "Young Generation Prize" category. And the Tokyo exhibit space includes a special installation that incorporates the entranceway pond and is hand crafted by members and students studying glasswork at educational facilities.

This current exhibit will begin at the new location of the Daikanyama Hillside Forum and move onto the previously established locations of Koganezaki Crystal Park in Nishiizu Cho. The entire course of the travelling exhibit will take one year and three months, with stops also planned at the Notojima Glass Art Museum and the Paramita Museum in Mie Prefecture. I sincerely believe that holding the "Glass in Japan" exhibit in an array of unique museums will allow a large number of people to experience the wonders of modern glass art and pave the way to future growth for the medium itself.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. for their sponsorship in making this exhibit possible and all of the companies and organizations that provided assistance and aid. I would also like to thank the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Glass Manufacturers' Association of Japan, and Association for Corporate Support of the Arts for their support as well as the cooperation and understanding of everyone involved.

Chairprson, Japan Glass Artcrafts Association
○Tokyo exhibition
subtitle: - The Japan Glass Artcrafts Association 40th Anniversary -
date: September 4 - September 9, 2012
place: Hillside Forum, A-Gallery Hillside Terrace
organized by: Japan glass Artcrafts Association
sponsored by: Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
       The Asahi Shimbun Foundation
       Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd.
       Izu Craft House
       Glass Art Kuroki Co., Ltd.
       Cooperative Association of Tokyo Cut Glass Kogyo
       Tokyo Glasswork Service, Inc.
       Hakone Craft House
       Hario Glass Co., Ltd.
       Kyohei Fujita Museum of Glass
supported by: Agency for Cultural Affairs
       Glass Manufacturers’ Association of Japan
       Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan
exhibitors: 106 association members, and 15 artists nominated

○Nishiizu touring exhibition
date: September 29, 2012 - April 10, 2013
place: Koganezaki Glass Museum (Koganezaki Crystal Park)

○Ishikawa touring exhibition
date: date: April 20 - September 1, 2013
place: Notojima Glass Art Museum

○Mie touring exhibition
date: September 5 - November 11, 2013
place: Paramita Museum

○2012 exhibition committee
chairperson: FUJITA Jun
vice chairperson: UESHIMA Aiko
Members: UENO Tsukasa, KAITO Hiroshi, KATO Chiaki, KAMIYAMA Shunichi, KANDA Masayuki, KURITA Yasuhisa, KOBAYASHI Mitsugi, KOMURE Takahito, SASAKI Masahiro, SHIMOJIMA Riiko, TANI Shoichi, TAMADA Kyoko, CHIKAOKA Rei, TSUKAMURA Go, NAKAGAWA Akira, NABETA Hisao, NISHI Etsuko, HIROSAWA Yoko, FUJIWARA Nobuyuki, YOKOYAMA Naoto, YOSHII Kokoro, YOSHIMOTO Yumiko
Secretary: FURUYA Hiroko

■award works: FUJITA Kyohei Prize
left to right ISOGAI Akihiro “Fountain” / UENO Tsukasa “KASURI GLASS -YOUKOKU-” / FUJIWARA Nobuyuki “form of a seed (omonma village series)”


■award works: Y. G. Prize  KOJIRO Yoshiaki “hatate”


■award works: Populaarity Prize
left to right Tokyo: ISOGAI Akihiro “Fountain”/ Koganezaki Glass Museum the first term: NODA Yuichi “The firmament 2012”/ second tarm: IKUTA Satoshi “The vendurous bamboo grove in green scene”

Populaarity Populaarity