■It has passed three swift years since the exhibition entitled "Glass '78 in Japan" furnishing the general public with a sensational topic ; and now it has been decided to hold a triennial event under an independent planning of the Japan Glass Artcrafts Association. A purport of the above mentioned planning concerns with rise of the right understanding and recognition as to glass by introducing the general public to the world of glass from the viewpoint of the current vision. A theme of "Glass '81 in Japan" is "Glass and its potentialities to be pursued of an artistic creation from now on": and an appearance of the current glass will try to be pursued by using the glass material based on a respective angle of the artistic creations under the background in view of the current society, economy and living environment. It is pleased to mention that some of an excellent overseas artist with unique formative character which can not be found among domestic artists have willingly accepted the exhibition of their works in compliance with a request for an invitation there to as the new angle of the present exhibition. Thus, it can well be expected that the exhibition will be able to be a place to talk about the glass wares viewed from an international formative arts both for an expert and the general public. Another important angle of the exhibition is an introduction of displaying a dynamic image with reference to the glass wares supporting the modern daily life by using a video tape on its part and meaning. Furthermore, the exhibition will try to bring out a total power engendering from the two-facedness of glass nowadays in contradiction to the recognition of beauty, delightfulness and interest of a sense of play concerning the modern glass art crafts created by hands. An aspect of "Glass '81 in Japan" may be summarized to be the above mentioned features. Now it can be mentioned that glass in future has been changing its feature into the fascinating world more and more, needless to say the development of a studio glass movement which has begun to move in the form of big wave in relation to the glass at present. It is quite clear that warm cooperation of a lot of people devoting to the technical development in various fields as a supporting back ground producing a good quality of the modern creative glass wares should of course be appreciated and also should not forget the benefits and favour thereof. Nowadays, a technical level of the Japanese glass enterprises has been widely improving viewed from a synergy problem or a prevention of an environmental pollution. On the other hand, it may be noted that excellent techniques have been developed with reference to a glass plant under mutual in coexistence with overseas enterprises. Taking into consideration that the glass wares are the fruit to be produced by a team work of many people talking part in the glass field, including of course the formative artists and designers, this should be reminded once again talking this opportunity. Lastly. many thanks will be express to the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co., the Ceramic Society of Japan, the Japan Glass ware Products Industry Association and the person concerned for their heartily cooperation and understanding in various fields for opening the exhibition entitled "Glass '81 in Japan".

Saburo Funakoshi
President, Japan Glass Artcrafts Association

subtitle: "What Does Glass Have to Say to Us"
date: Septembert 11 - 23, 1981
place: Odakyu Grand Gallery, Tokyo
organized by: Japan Glass Artcrafts Association
supported by: Agency for Cultural Affairs
Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co.
The Ceramic Society of Japan
cooperated by: Japan Glass Manufactures Association of Japan
exhibiters: 79 members, 5 invited artisits from abroad

○1981exhibition committee:
president and chairman: Saburo Funakoshi
vice president: Kyohei Fujita, Denji Takeuchi
auditor: Hisatoshi Iwata, Mitsugi Kobayashi
executive committee: Naoto Yokoyama, Hiroharu Oda, Kyoichiro Kawakami
staff: Makoto Ito, Ken Ohta, Yutaka Ohtsuka, Shunichi Kamiyama, Yasuhisa Kurita, Makoto Fujiwara
secretary general: Itoko Iwata
catalogue: Hiroharu Oda
photograph: Keiji Shimizu

■special invited works:
■see the invited works from abroad on <publications>/catalogue 81.