Since its establishment in 1972, The Japan Glass Artcrafts Association has been making steady progress. At its 10th anniversary in 1982, we renewed the organization of the association so as to cope with the development and internationalization of the modern glasswork society. This year, as our third exhibition, we are glad to hold Glass 84 in Japan. The Japan Glass Artcrafts Association is a unique organization of people engaged in glassworks in Japan. People from wide variety of activities belong to our association, ranging from freelance designers, to studio glassmen, to artists etc., who pursue the wonderful potentiality of the art of glass. There are hardly any association like ours in todays world and we are proud of this. The member of members has almost doubled since the inauguration of the association; we started with 56 members in 1972, and we presently have 104 members, including the leading glass artists in Japan. We believe that our activity contributes directly to the advancement of modern glass culture of Japan. As is indicated in the theme of the exhibition, Talking to the World we hope to promote further the international exchange through this event. We will invited five glass artists from abroad and also ten artists from Australia and New Zealand for deepening the friendship through glass. Besides these participants, we received a large entry for the exhibition from overseas: 73 entry from 11 countries, out of these, works of 36 people have selected for the exhibition by; Kyohei Fujita President, J.G.A.A. Denji Takeuchi Director, J.G.A.A. Hisatoshi Iwata Councillor, Founder J.G.A.A. Sabro Funakoshi Councillor, J.G.A.A. As a result, this exhibition turns out to be on quite a large scale, sidplaying the works of 134, including the 83 domestic member of the Japan Glass Artcrafts Association. Starting with this exhibition, as a new feature, we offer prizes for excellent works: Japn Glass Artcrafts Association Prize Asahi Shimbun Prize Bridgestone Museum Prize Suntory Museum Prize Works of all participants are eligible for the prizes. We believe that this Glass 84 in Japan will certainly result in a greater understanding of glasswork among the general public and that it also makes substantial contribution to the development and sophistication of glassworks in todays world. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the Sponsors and supporters of the exhibition for their generous understanding and assistance. In conclusion, I sincerely wish the great success if the exhibition and the prosperity if glass artists all over the world.

Kyohei Fujita
President, Japan Glass Artcrafts Association

Tokyo exhibition
subtitle: "Talking to the World"
date: September 14 - 26, 1984
place: Odakyu Grand Gallery, Tokyo
organized by: Japan Glass Artcrafts Association
supported by: Agency for Cultural Affairs
Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co.
The Ceramic Society of Japan
cooperated by: Japan Glass Manufactures Association of Japan
exhibitors: 83 members, 5 overseas invited artists, 10 special guest artists from Australia and New Zealand and 36 selected works in the applicants from the world.

tour exhibition
date: September 29 -Octorber 21, 1984
place: Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo

1981exhibition committee
chairman: Denji Takeuchi
vice chairman: Naoto Yokoyama
catalogue: Nobuyasu Satoh
exhibit: Mitsugi Kobayashi
public relation: Ken Ohta
staff: Makoto Ito, Yutaka Ohtsuka, Hiroharu Oda, Kyoichiro Kawakami, Toshio Sugasawa, Yoshinori Masuda
secretary general: Itoko Iwata
photograph: Pro's Studio

selection committee
JGAA: Kyohei Fujita, Denji Takeuchi, Hisatoshi Iwata, Saburo Funakoshi
honorary advisor: Michiaki Kawakita, Tetsuzo Tanigawa, Morisada Hosokawa
Asahi Shimbun: Mamoru Yonekura
Buridgestone Museum: Yasuo Kamon
Suntory Museum: Yoshio Tsuchiya

award works: Japan Glass Artcrafts Association Prize / Asahi Shimbun Prize / Bridgestone Museum Prize / Suntory Museum Prize
Eleft to right
JGAA prize: Yumiko Yoshimoto "The Skyscraper"
Asahi Shimbun prize: Akira Shirahata "Vase"
Bridgestone Museum prize: Vladimir Kopecky "Diagonal"
Suntory Museum: Klaus Moje "My Geometric Garden"
Commendatory Prizes: left to right
Naoto Yokoyama "Festival in Kyoto"/ Steven I. Weinberg (us) "untitled"/ Blanka Adensamova (czech.) "The Wings"
see the invited and selected works from abroad on <publications>/ catalogue 84.