It is a source of great joy that Japan Artcrafts Association has been making progress satisfactorily since its establishment in 1972 and is able to hold its 5th exhibition, Glass in Japan. This Association is not only the only organization of glass art crafts in Japan, but also a unique one in the world, for it cover all areas of glass, whose membership consists of manufacturers, free-lance designers, studio glass-men, glass blowers, and stained glass artists who are working to explore the every possibility of their common material GLASS. Its present membership members 104, including most of the leading glass artists in Japan who work in both industries and art fields making a great contribution to the glass culture. Two years ago the Association held Glass in Japan exhibition in Karlsruhe Museum, West Germany, for the first time in Europe, to promote the international exchange of glass circles. Later it traveled around the Netherlands and Switzerland. The exhibition, for which many of our members sent their works, was a treat success. This time the exhibition is sub-titled Quest for New Creation. The glass circles of todays world are making progress daily exploring works can be found among those presented here in this exhibition. Like the previous exhibition, we have invited five overseas artists to present their works and selected sixty-five overseas artists join them. In addition, this time, the exhibition was for the first time opened for non-member young Japanese to apply for participation. After a strict screening, twenty-one artists were admitted to show their works. I believe that these young artists are the promising talents on whose shoulders rests the future of the Japanese glass. We have also started a system of associate members expecting that these young people will activate the association. Succeeding to the previous, the organizer has provided the Japan Glass Artcrafts Association Prize, along with other prizes from Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co., Suntory Museum and Bridgestone Museum, to be awarded for the excellent works in display. Selections are made from among all the works including those from overseas. We expect as many audience as possible will come and see the contemporary glass works in this exhibition which attracts the attention of the glass circles in the world, so that it could be, we are sure, a really significant event to promote the understanding and development of glass culture of both Japan and the world. I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan, The Glass Manufacturers Association of Japan, Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co., Suntory Museum, Bridgestone Museum and many other concerned, who have kindly offered their understanding and cooperation in various ways to hold Glass 87 in Japan exhibition. We are also grateful to Odakyu Store for offering their hall for Tokyo Exhibition and Iwataya Department Store in Fukuoka where this exhibition is to be held for the first time in Kyushu.

Kyohei Fujita
President, Japan Glass Artcrafts Association
@Member of Japan Art Academy

Tokyo exhibition
subtitle: "Seeking New Beauty in Formative Art"
date: September 11 - 23, 1987
place: Odakyu Grand Gallery, Tokyo
organized by: Japan Glass Artcrafts Association
supported by: Agency for Cultural Affairs
Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co.
cooperated by: Japan Glass Manufactures Association of Japan
exhibitors: 77 members, 5 overseas invited artists, 20 selected domestic works and 64 selected oversea works in the applicants.

tour exhibition
date: September 30 -October 5, 1987
place: Iwataya Department Store Exhibition Hall, Fukuoka

1987 exhibition committee
chairman: Mitsugi Kobayashi
vice chairman: Ken Ohta
catalogue: Nobuyasu Satoh
exhibit: Naoto Yokoyama
staff: Hiroharu Oda, Toshio Sugasawa, Takashi Iwasaki, Makoto Itoh, Mariko SAtoh, Yoshinori Masuda, Yutaka Ohtsuka, Chikara Hashimoto
secretary general: Itoko Iwata
photograph: Pro's Studio

selection committee
JGAA: Hisatoshi Iwata, Kyohei Fujita, Saburo Funakoshi,Denji Takeuchi, Mitsugi Kobayashi
honorary advisor: Michiaki Kawakita, Tetsuzo Tanigawa, Morisada Hosokawa
Asahi Shimbun: Mamoru Yonekura
Buridgestone Museum: Yasuo Kamon
Suntory Museum: Yoshio Tsuchiya

award works: Japan Glass Artcrafts Association Prize / Asahi Shimbun Prize / Bridgestone Museum Prize / Suntory Museum Prize

Eleft to right
JGAA prize: Niyoko Ikuta "Ryo-3"
Asahi Shimbun prize: Mark Peiser (us) "Landscape"
Bridgestone Museum prize: Takashi Iwasaki "Syncopation"
Suntory Museum: Shinichi Muro "at the Bottom of the Sea">

Commendatory Prize: left to right
Kazumi Ikemoto "Portrait"/ Mariko Satoh "Nostalgia"/ Ken Ohta "Mens Fashion"/ Keith Brocklehurst (uk) "Arising Box"

see the invited and selected works from abroad with selected domestic ones on <publications>/ catalogue 87.