■This is the 5th exhibition of メGlass in Japanモ series which have been held triennially. As you know, our Association has been making a dramatic growth every time we hold this exhibition. It goes without saying that the Association is the only comprehensive group for the glass art in Japan with its membership represented by personalities from all of the contemporary Japanese glass circles, both industry and art. As a lot of glass exhibitions are held here in this country in recent years, and an increased number of glass schools have been set up by local governments as one of their educational programs, people have become more interested in such activities. I am very happy to see many of our members take active in them to lead to a great success, and take pride in making a great contribution to the development of メglass cultureモ in Japan. I cannot but feel that this exhibition, organized by the Japan Glass Artcrafts Association in such a rapid growth of glass art, bears a significance socially, as well as it assumes an important responsibility. In this exhibition, subtitled メGlass Time, Now, Glass Languageモ, our expressions are taken as a language to communicate through our love and our creative works of glass. We expect the audience to find a lot of unique works presented here. This year entries were not open for overseas artists and the exhibits are composed of the works of one hundred and twenty-two artists in total, including nine invited form abroad and twenty domestic entries, strictly selected. And this time we have for the first time decided to include a jury from overseas. The attempt to invite Susanne K. Frantz from The Corning Museum of Glass for this purpose was without doubt significant as lot of opinions were expressed from different point of view. We believe this will also be significant to the glass worldwide, as well as it provides an opportunity for many people to see contemporary glass works and promote the visibility of メthe glass cultureモ in Japan. This exhibition is also going to Fukuoka after its session in Tokyo and in next spring parts of its exhibits a are being circulated to New York. In organizing メGlass ユ90 in Japanモ we are most thankful to Agency for Cultural Affairs, Asahi Shinbun-sha, Japan Glass-ware Products Industry Association, Suntory Museum, Bridgestone Museum and many others for their generous understanding and co-operation in various ways. We are also indebted to Odakyu Department Store in Tokyo and Iwataya Department Store in Fukuoka for offering their space for the events.

Kyohei Fujita
President, Japan Glass Artcrafts Association
 Member of Japan Art Academy

○Tokyo exhibition
subtitle: "The Age of Glass, Now, the Language of Glass"
date: September 5 - 16, 1990
place: Odakyu Grand Gallery, Tokyo
organized by: Japan Glass Artcrafts Association
supported by: Agency for Cultural Affairs
Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co.
cooperated by: Japan Glass Manufactures Association of Japan
exhibitors: 93 members, 9 overseas invited artists, and 20 selected domestic works in the applicants.

○tour exhibition
date: October 10 - 15, 1990
place: Iwataya Department Store Exhibition Hall, Fukuoka

○1990 exhibition committee
chairman: Naoto Yokoyama
vice chairman: Ken Ohta
staff: Haruhiro Isogai, Shunichi Kamiyama, Yoko Kuramoto, Mitsugi Kobayahsi, Nobuyasu Satoh, Mariko Satoh, Shintaro, Shibazaki, Jun Fujita, Tatsuo Murakami, Yumiko Yoshimoto
secretary general: Itoko Iwata
catalogue: Matato Yokoyama
photograph: Masaru Abe

○selection committee
JGAA: Kyohei Fujita, Naoto Yokoyama
honorary advisor: Michiaki Kawakita
Asahi Shimbun: Mamoru Yonekura
Buridgestone Museum: Yasuo Kamon
Suntory Museum: Yoshio Tsuchiya
Corning Museum: Susanne K. Frantz

■award works: Japan Glass Artcrafts Association Prize / Asahi Shimbun Prize / Bridgestone Museum Prize / Suntory Museum Prize
・left to right JGAA prize: Teruo Yamada "munumento"
Asahi Shimbun prize: Yoko Kuramoto "Shape Series 1"
・left to right Bridgestone Museum prize: Aiko Ueshimai "Breeze"
Suntory Museum: Ryoji Shibuya "The Memory of the Time"
■Special Prize
Maria Ligossy「Primary Rocks V」
■Commendatory Prize:   
・left to right
Tessei Okumura "a Planet 3"/ Toshio Sugasawa "Transfer 3"/ Shinichi Muro "Stage"
・from left
Yumiko Yoshimoto "Lotus"/ Naoko Matsushita "Birth"