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outline Regulations

Regulations of the Association (Selected Articles and Items)

Section 1 - General Rules

Article 1: Name and Location The Nippon Garasu Kougei Kyoukai is the Japanese glass arts society known in English as the JAPAN GLASS ART-CRAFTS ASSOCIATION (or J.G.A.A)
The office address is:
1-17-1-101 Sugamo,
Tokyo 170-0002, JA PAN

Article 2: Mission
Aims of the organisation are to deepen the relationship between the medium and techniques of glass arts and
the glass-makers; and to develop and improve the culture of the glass arts through the creative works of its

Article 3: Activities
The organisation conducts the following the following activities in support of its mission.
(1) The members appraise and promote the works of junior fellows.
(2) The society holds and participates in lectures, meetings, and exhibitions concerned with the art of glass-making.
(3) Reports, information and exchanges of other organisations and groups from throughout Japan and abroad.

Section 2 - Membership

Article 4: Types of Membership
(1) The membership structure of this organisation comprises Regular, Associate, Supporting, Service, and Honorary memberships.
(2) The Regular member is someone actively involved in creative glass-making who is in agreement with the aims of the organisation. Regular members have extensive knowledge, experience, and technical skill in the art of glass-making.
(3) The Associate member is one who has applied for a regular membership that is pending qualification (see Article 22).
(4) The Supporting member is a company, group, or an individual that is involved in some way with the glass-making arts and is in agreement with the purpose of this organisation and supports the management of this organisation.

Article 5: Membership Requirements

(1) Regular membership requires the recommendation of two Directors.
(2) Associate membership is achieved on the recommendation of one Regular member.
(3) In addition to the requirements in the two clauses above, it is necessary for Regular and Associate applicants to obtain the approval of the administrative board and to submit the following documents:
(i) Official application form fully completed.
(ii) Photographs of recent works, three pieces or more.
(iii) Photograph of applicants face.
(iv) Additional items the might be considered be necessary.
(4) Supporting membership application is made by submitting the required application form to the administration for approval by the administrative directors.

Article 7: Fees and Subscriptions

(1) Initial admission fees and annual subscriptions are as follows:
Regular memberships
Admission fee: 10,000 yen
Annual subscription: 27,000 yen
Associate memberships
Admission fee: 10,000 yen
Annual subscription: 15,000 yen
Support memberships annual subscriptions
Individual (single): 10,000 yen
Enterprise (single): 30,000 yen

Section 3 - Administration

Article 10: Board of Directors
(1) The board is comprised of not more than ten directors
(2) Two auditors
Article 12: Director's duty
(1) The director oversees the execution of duty and chairs all meetings of the organisation.
(3) The administrative officer undertakes the execution of duty of the organisation.
Article 13: Term of Office
(1) The directors term of office is three full years.

Section 4 - Conferences

Article 15: General Meetings
(1) Ordinary general meetings and ad hoc meetings are attended by the Regular members.
Article 16: Administrative Meetings
(3) Matters concerning the mission and policies of the organisation is conducted by the Board of Directors.

Section 5 - Accounting

Article 21: Fiscal year
The fiscal year of the organisation begins January 1 each year and ends December 31.

Section 6 - Supplement

Article 22: Qualification of Associate members
(1) The acceptance of an Associate member's work in the Society's exhibition is a pre-requisite for Regular membership status.
(2) The associate member may attend general meetings but without voting rights.

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